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14ft fixed Vertical wind tunnel

4m30 – 14ft vertical wind tunnel

Our latest addition to our range of vertical wind tunnels is the BIG 4,3 meter is WIDE. It is under construction at this moment and it’s easily integrated into your building with you design. Like all the TornadoPro vertical wind tunnels it is designed with performance in mind and a high ROI.

Specifications of the 14ft / 4.3 meter vertical wind tunnel:

  • High speeds suitable for skydivers and first time flyers
  • Tunnel fly zone width: 4.3 meters
  • Speed : +80m/s
  • Fans: 4 enclosed fans
  • Power: 4 electric engines  (1600kw)
  • Recirculating air circuit
  • Noise: very quiet!
  • The wind tunnel will be C.E.E compliant
  • On site specifications for the building
  • High return on investment

Your project, Your building design


The 4.3 meter wind tunnel is a great place with lots of place to attract clients to the wind tunnel that appeals to first timers and skydivers

Perfect tool

The 4.3 meter is a great tool for a great experience for your clients.

Push your business forward

Reduced cost allow you to indulge your clients is a complete experience