8ft portable wind tunnel

Our famous 8ft/2m20 portable w​ind tunnel

The new 2m20 mobile wind tunnel is a vertical mobile wind tunnel that uses our unique modular vertical wind tunnel design. This design ensures power and clean airflow, and there are no other wind tunnels like this on the market. With 2 engines, a double « Settling Chamber » for clean airflow a flight chamber for your clients safety and an efficient economics, the 2m20 is the perfect choice for your wind tunnel needs.

The new 2M20 is even better!

After extensive research we have fine tuned this great wind tunnel with :

  • 3 times less noise (-9dB)
  • New turbines for even better airflow performance
  • New PLC (computer) for enhanced operation

Read through our specifications and compare them with other products on the market. Our products are second two none and the only wind tunnels in the world with:

  • Unique modular design
  • High grade power
  • Pure airflow

Come and test fly one today

The portable wind tunnel specifications

ConformityConform with CEE: mandatory to run the wind tunnel in Europe
AirflowHigh grade airflow with our special design
Air speedOver 270 km/h
StructureSteel, stainless steel, clear ploy-carbonate flight zone
Power plants2 diesel Scania CEE certified engines 2x330kw
Propellers2 propellers with 9 fiber glass interchangeable blades
Air-stream dimensions2.2 meters at the bottom to 2,8 meters at the top
6.0 meters high
Noise levelsunder 78db* depending on residual noise at 10 meters
Fuel tanksEEC conforme for road transport
Fuel consumption40 liters per hour
Operation time with full tankOver 23 hours depending on speed used