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single loop wind tunnel

The fixed vertical wind tunnel range

Our fixed recirculating wind tunnels are the perfect fit for a commercial first flight amusement park and also for a high power skydivers training facility. It is adapted in size and price to also fit on drop zones around Europe.

Specifications of our vertical wind tunnel:

  • High speeds suitable for skydivers
  • Tunnel fly zone width: 2.5 to 3.0 meters
  • Fans: 2 to 4 enclosed fans
  • Power: electric engines OR diesel engines 
  • Recirculating air circuit
  • Noise: nearly none
  • The wind tunnel is C.E.E compliant
  • On site specifications for the building
  • High return on investment

Our stationary vertical wind tunnels can also be equipped with an integrated conditioning system enhancing comfort of operation in regions with hot climate.