10ft mobile wind tunnel

10 ft mobile vertical wind tunnel

The 10ft / 3M10 modular Mobile wind tunnel Specifications

The new 10 feet / 3m10 mobile wind tunnel uses our unique modular vertical wind tunnel design that ensures power and clean airflow. There are no other wind tunnels like this on the market. The 10 feet / 3m10 vertical mobile wind tunnel is comprised of four main modules: the 4 fans module, the control module, the tower module, and the base module.

The fans module is responsible for providing the high-velocity clean airflow that is necessary for flying. The control module ensures that the airflow is directed where it needs to go and that the fans speed are controlled to give the optimum power. The tower module contains the vertical wind tunnel itself, and the base module provides a sturdy foundation. Together, these four modules create a powerful and versatile vertical wind tunnel that can be used for all types of flyers (sport flyers or 1st timers) . Whether your clients need to try the high speed sport of indoor skydiving or you have to train athletes more effectively, the 10 feet / 3m10 vertical mobile wind tunnel is up to the task.

Our products are second two none in terms of offering a “real” skydiving experience and the best way to prove this is to fly…

ConformityConform with EEC: mandatory to run the wind tunnel
in Europe
AIRFLOWHigh grade airflow with our special design and settler room
Air speed+270km/h
StructureSteel, stainless steel, glass & clear ploy-carbonate flight zone
Power plants4 diesel Scania EEC certified engines 4x330kw
​4 ABB electric engines
Propellers4 propellers with 9 interchangeable blades
Air-stream dimensions3.1 meters at the bottom to 3,5 meters at the top
6.0 to 9,0 meters high
Noise levelsunder 90db* depending on residual noise at 10 meters
Fuel consumption60 to 90 liters per hour

The outdoor sport wind tunnel

With mobile wind tunnels from TornadoPro, industry professionals and first timer flyers alike can enjoy a safe and thrilling flying experience! TornadoPro has developed the perfect mobile wind tunnel solution for any purpose – amusement parks, shows, Drop-Zones, military paratroopers training or otherwise.

This wind tunnel is incredibly powerful and have already proven to be a great success with pro flyers. By providing a unique mobile solution such as this, TornadoPro is revolutionizing the way we fly.

Our 10 feet/ 3m10 mobile wind tunnel – an innovative, mobile wind tunnel designed to deliver powerful and clean airflow that is sure to take your breath away.

Our unique modular vertical design ensures efficient power and performance with no other mobile wind tunnelling solution like it on the market. This mobile wind tunnel includes four easy-to-assemble modules: four fans, control module, tower module and base module. With this reliable mobile wind tunnel, you can investigate natural phenomena from the comfort of your own home!

TornadoPro’s mobile wind tunnels are the perfect answer to a host of thrilling entertainment applications. Each tunnel is designed and engineered with amplifying effects that captivate audiences, making them a unique part of any show. The mobile aspect allows for drop-zones, amusement parks and military paratrooper training to all enjoy the same cutting-edge technology.

Beginners will be particularly pleased with TornadoPro mobile wind tunnels since the control panel is designed to help new flyers get up and flying effortlessly. These mobile wind tunnels ensure that everyone—from professional flyers to first timers—can experience the exhilaration of flight safely.

The perfect solution for your clients needs for high thrill events

The 10 feet / 3m10 vertical mobile wind tunnel is the perfect solution for your clients needs for high thrill events. This unique modular design provides unmatched power and clean airflow in a small package that is amoung the most easy 10 foot wind tunnels to set up and transport. Contact us today for more information or to place an order for your own 10 feet / 3m10 vertical mobile wind tunnel.