Military wind tunnels for special forces

Tornadopro Military wind tunnels for special forces

Military wind tunnels for armies

Train your Paratroopers & Special Forces

TornadoPro is a supplier for armies around the world for their needs of training of the paratroopers units & special forces. Our designs can be adapted to adjust to the needs of every army with small portable wind tunnel units to big fixed vertical wind tunnels.

Military wind tunnels are an essential tool for the training of paratroopers and special forces. By providing a controlled environment where airspeed and direction can be precisely regulated, wind tunnels allow soldiers to practice jumps in a safe and realistic setting.

TornadoPro is a Leading supplier of military Wind Tunnels

TornadoPro is a leading supplier of military wind tunnels, with a wide range of models to suit the needs of any army. Our tunnels are tough and durable, able to withstand the rigors of military training, and our team is experienced in working with armed forces around the world. Whether you need a small portable tunnel for field training or a large stationary unit for your base, we can provide the perfect solution for your needs.

Special forces need high quality training facilities

The special forces of the world’s best armies rely on wind tunnels to simulate a variety of realistic situations and conditions. Wind tunnel testing helps special forces teams understand how different climates, terrain, weather conditions and altitudes could affect their missions.

By using these tunnels, special forces can better assess the rigors that their missions may bring, giving them an advantage in achieving their objectives. Special Forces personnel are able to practice maneuvers, parachute drops and even plot out exact flight paths with these high-tech systems.

By using wind tunnel simulations, special forces gain an edge in preparing for whatever situation they may face in service to their country.

fixed Military wind tunnels
Royal Thai Marins Military wind tunnels training facility

Wind tunnels are now an integral part of military training for military paratroopers. Currently, wind tunnels are used to simulate free fall conditions that military paratroopers will experience when jumping from military aircraft.

They provide a safe and secure environment for the military personnel to acclimate to the real-life fall conditions before ever stepping foot in an aircraft. Not only does this make it easier to adjust once in the air, but also minimizes risks of unfortunate accidents during the jump due to being unprepared.

The use of wind tunnels is one example of how military personnel is properly prepared through simulated training prior to taking on any tasks that come after.

In military operations, the safe and effective deployment of military paratroopers is essential for operational success. To ensure the high level of skill needed for the task, military parachutists have adapted wind tunnels as an important tool for training and maintaining these skills.

The wind tunnel provides a controlled environment to practice freefall maneuvers, deploy parachutes from different body positions and develop emergency procedures necessary for safe operation in all weather conditions.

By utilizing wind tunnels, military parachutists are better prepared to effectively perform aerial insertions that play a critical role in military operations worldwide.

military wind tunnel training

HALO skydive training

Special forces are specially trained military personnel deployed for strategic operations. One special mission special forces undertake is High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) skydiving. This requires special tools such as advanced wind tunnels that can simulate the conditions special forces will face in the sky.

These high speed wind tunnels enable special forces to safely replicate a variety of airborne maneuvers while minimizing the costs associated with actual aerial training by replacing real flights with simulated ones. Without these specialized tools, special forces would not be able to properly prepare for their special missions.

Military wind tunnel under construction in Indonesia

Indonesia military wind tunnel under construction