Vertical mobile - portable wind tunnels

Europe's Number 1 vertical portable Wind tunnel

The first high power portable wind tunnel of it’s kind in the world. It’s certainly the most powerful mobile wind tunnel that exists powered by Scania power units. Our mobile wind tunnels can be transported on European roads and needs small place for the installation. It can be placed in front of a shopping mall, adventure parks, next to a bowling, near a beach or set up fro a festival.

All that is needed is a clear access for the truck and 14,6 meters x 3.99 meters of space with 10 meters in height. The installation takes between 4 hours or 12 hours to set up (depending on the setup chosen) and then you are ready to fly.

The unique characteristics of Tornado mobile wind tunnels

  • Low noise: around 79db at 10 meters
  • Lighten flight zone (for night flights
  • High Return On Investment
  • Mobile wind tunnel fly zone width: from 2.2 meters to 3.9 meters

    • High autonomy and cost-effectiveness
      • Low fuel consumption: starting from only 35 liters/ hours
      • 24 hours of continuous operation with 1 full tank
    • High speeds never seen in a mobile wind tunnel +270km/h

    Discover our range of mobile wind tunnels

    Our mobile tunnels offer a state-of-the-art outdoor mobile experience. Manufactured and designed for quick setup and optimized for safe indoor skydiving, these mobile wind tunnels provide maximum convenience and efficiency. Perfect for events, drop zone use or full-time indoor skydiving companies, our mobile wind tunnels are the ultimate skydiving solution to create the experience you are looking for.

    With advanced features, cutting-edge technology, accessibility and safety in mind, let us help you discover the perfect mobile tunnel today!

    Full Flight chamber safety revolution

    Tornadopro portable wind tunnel are revolutionizing the indoor skydiving experience with their unique flight chamber for the safety of the flyers and modular design. This allows for far easier maintenance and upgrades, which can be accomplished much more quickly and conveniently than ever before.

    By taking mobile technology and indoor skydiving to the next level of safety with these portable tunnels, Tornadopro is offering an innovative new experience for skydivers that is second to none. The ease of use and ability to upgrade components as needed make this mobile wind tunnel solution a perfect fit for anytime and any place.

    • C.E.E conformity
    • Safety first with our 6 meter high flight chamber : don’t have clients “falling off” of the air
    • Transport of the mobile wind tunnel on roads
    • Unique software to run your wind tunnel included
    3m10 mobile wind tunnel
    3m10 portable wind tunnel
    • 2 to 6 Safely enclosed fans : no visible propeller
    • Power: 2 to 6 diesel SCANIA or ABB electric engines
    • Removable side ramps & stair case
    • 2 day training program included​
    Portable wind tunnel event on a beach Portugal
    2m20 mobile wind tunnel

    More details on mobile/portable wind tunnels

    Mobile wind tunnels for indoor skydiving are a type of vertical wind tunnel that can be transported and set up at different locations, such as events or tourist destinations. These tunnels are designed to simulate the experience of freefalling through the air, allowing individuals to practice and learn skydiving skills in a controlled and safe environment.

    Mobile tunnels work by creating a column of high-speed air that flows vertically upward through a chamber. The individual wears a specialized suit that enables them to fly and maneuver within the air column. The speed of the air flow can be adjusted to simulate different levels of freefall, allowing individuals to practice various skydiving maneuvers.

    The advantages over traditional indoor skydiving facilities

    Mobile / portable wind tunnels have several advantages over traditional indoor skydiving facilities. They are more flexible and can be easily transported to different locations, making them ideal for events, exhibitions, and other temporary installations. They are also more cost-effective, as they require less infrastructure and can be set up and taken down more quickly.

    Tornaopro is a manufacturer and produces mobile wind tunnels for indoor skydiving. These tunnels come in various sizes and configurations, depending on the intended use and number of participants. Safety is a top priority, and all mobile wind tunnels are designed and built to meet rigorous safety standards.

    Overall, mobile wind tunnels for indoor skydiving provide a fun and exciting way for individuals to experience the thrill of freefalling without the need for a plane or parachute.

    Contact Tornadopro for all your mobile wind tunnel project needs! Our experts have decades of experience in the industry and can provide guidance at every step – from conception to completion. No matter the size or scope of your project, our team can work with you to develop a tailored solution that fits your requirements. Contact us today to find out how TornadoPro can help bring your indoor skydiving vision to life!

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    Experience something out of this world with indoor skydiving! Our innovative wind tunnels offer all the thrills of skydiving without ever having to get on an airplane. Safe and easy to use, indoor skydiving is perfect for adventurers of any age or skill level. Open up a new world of ultimate leisure and awe-inspiring freedom in our impressive indoor wind tunnels. Get ready for your next unforgettable indoor flying experience!