A wide range of vertical wind tunnels

Modular vertical wind tunnel

Modular vertical wind tunnel (TA) is a set of equipment which can be assembled in a single non-capital building made of light-Gage constructions or inside a building with appropriate dimensions for the equipment installation.

Modular vertical wind tunnel (TA) are designed under CEE compliant rules . We use advanced technologies in the conception and production of each win tunnel. Our main aim is to produce the fastest and most efficient equipment to allow maximum use and simplify maintenance that will guarantee reliability. Our clients know about the ease of use and also how easy it is to control.

TornadoPro's fixed vertical wind tunnels

  • Low operating costs
  • Fast ROI
  • Very low noise level,
  • High flow quality,
  • Possibility of prompt and accurate adjustment of flow parameters;
  • Possibility of year-round and twenty-four-hour operation;
  • Convenient training conditions in any weather conditions.

Tornado’s mobile wind tunnel system is an self contained solution that has been optimized for lowest possible noise and fastest speeds on the market.

  • Low operating costs
  • Fast ROI
  • Very low noise level,
  • High airflow quality,
  • Possibility of prompt and accurate adjustment of airflow parameters;
  • Possibility to move your operation;

TornadoPro's mobile vertical wind tunnels

Indoor skydiving is an exciting and unique experience

Indoor skydiving is an exciting and unique experience that can give you all the thrills of skydiving without having to leave the ground.

TornadoPro Wind tunnels products are a great way to safely experience indoor skydiving, as they give you full control over the wind speed and direction of your vertical flight. Whether you choose a mobile or fixed tunnel, indoor skydiving can provide an unforgettable experience with adrenaline-pumping excitement.

In just minutes, you can understand what it’s like to fly with just wind resistance. Let yourself be taken away by the exhilarating sensation while indoor skydiving in a mobile or fixed wind tunnel!

All the excitement and adrenaline of traditional skydiving

Skydiving is an incredible experience, and you can now try indoor skydiving for a thrilling adventure in the comfort of a mobile or fixed vertical wind tunnel.

With indoor skydiving, all the excitement and adrenaline of traditional skydiving is possible without having to jump from a plane, giving anyone—from beginners to experienced divers—the opportunity to take flight.


Fixed vertical wind tunnel

Indoor skydiving simulates freefall without danger thanks to wind speeds that reach up to 120 mph, and with professional instructors on hand, you can learn the basics safely and easily. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind indoor adventure!

Indoor skydiving is an exciting indoor sport that allows participants to simulate the experience of freefalling from an airplane. Although indoor skydiving does not reach the same heights, it provides more duration for freefall as compared to doing so off an airplane.

With indoor skydiving, participants can make use of a vertical wind tunnel in order to increase their time spent in midair and enjoy thrilling flips and tricks. This option allows thrill seekers to get a taste of what they would experience while jumping off an actual plane while still being safely indoors. As such, indoor skydiving is perfect for those who want to experience free fall adventure at a new level!

Looking into providing the experience of the thrill of indoor skydiving without having to enter an airplane? Look no further! Our fixed wind tunnel technology provides the environment and set up you need for your clients to soar through the air in the safety and comfort of your facility. With the most experienced professionals at your service, we guarantee a satisfaction with our fixed wind tunnels that no other can match. Don’t take any chances – let our dedicated and knowledgeable experts solve all your wind tunnel needs to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience when you’re off to the skies! Contact us today for more information and pricing on fixed wind tunnels!