12ft mobile wind tunnel

12ft portable wind tunnel (3M90)

You want to make a business of indoor skydiving,  no need for a building with our portable wind tunnel. The new 12ft mobile wind tunnel (3m90) uses our unique modular design that ensures power and clean airflow. There are no other wind tunnels like this on the market.
Our products are second two none in terms of offering a « real » skydiving experience and the best way to prove this is to fly…

12ft mobile wind tunnel

Specifications of the 12ft mobile wind tunnel

ConformityConform with CEE: mandatory to run the wind tunnel in Europe
AIRFLOWHigh grade airflow with our special design and settler room
Air speed+270km/h
StructureSteel, stainless steel, glass & clear ploy-carbonate flight zone
Power plants6 diesel Scania CEE certified engines 6x330kw
6 diesel ABB CEE certified electric engines
Propellers6 propellers with interchangeable blades
Air-stream dimensions12 foot / 3m80 meters at the bottom to 4,2 meters at the top
9,2 meters high
Noise levelsunder 80db* depending on residual noise at 10 meters
Fuel tanksCEE certified for road transport
Fuel consumption60 to 90 liters per hour
Operation time with full tankOver 23 hours depending on speeds used

Transport of the portable vertical wind tunnel

Dimensions in transport configuration6 trucks are needed
Weight40 tonnes (with out a trailer)
Road transportSuitable for road transport on European roads with adequate trailer and truck.

Staff needed for the wind tunnel operation

This portable vertical wind tunnel is very adaptable to your clients, from 10 clients to 150 clients our wind tunnel can handle it and it is very easy to train staff to make it work.

Assembly / disassembly3 to 8 people
Minimum operation staff1 secretary
1 operator
1 to 2 instructors
Staff training last 4 days
The staff must have necessary National diplomas to train in a wind tunnel

A 12ft mobile wind tunnel is a perfect way to experience the thrill of skydiving indoors. The 12ft size makes the wind tunnel flight space large enough for sports competitions  and easy to transport, allowing you to move  your business of indoor skydiving where you need to go. With a 12ft mobile wind tunnel, you can simulate the sensation of free-falling through the air almost anywhere, creating an exciting and adventurous feeling even in an unprepared space.

Not only is it great for indoor skydiving enthusiasts, but it allows beginners to experience the thrilling sensation without having to make a huge jump from an airplane or helicopter.

12 ft mobile wind tunnel

Indoor skydiving has never been more thrilling or accessible than with the 12ft mobile wind tunnel. Conquer a new passion and fly through the air to exciting heights with this high performance indoor skydiving experience.

Transform wild dreams into reality as you step into our state-of-the-art 12ft wind tunnel – now mobile, so that adventure can come to you – and soar safe in the knowledge that it is operated by experienced professionals, certified according to USPA (United States Parachute Association) regulations. Treat yourself or those who crave an adrenaline rush – a 12ft mobile wind tunnel for indoor skydiving will not disappoint.

wind tunnel propeller

Experience the thrill of indoor skydiving without flying in a plane with 12ft mobile wind tunnel​! The perfect indoor skydiving with the 12ft wind tunnel , enabling everyone to experience unique body flight and aerial acrobatics indoors safely and comfortably. In our state-of-the-art 12ft mobile wind tunnel​, enjoy quality airflow while reaching speeds of up to 120mph. The safety of the flight chamber in our 12ft wind tunnel. This mobile wind tunnel​ enables users to maximize their mobility, perform dynamic midair maneuvers, practice advanced indoor skydiving aerobatics and remain in control  throughout the 12ft column of inverted airflow. Fly in with confidence in our 12ft mobile wind tunnel​ and feel the rush of flying today!