14ft fixed Vertical wind tunnel

The TornadoPro 14ft wind tunnel

The 14ft wind tunnel is our latest addition to our range of vertical wind tunnels is the BIG 4,3 meter is WIDE. It is under construction at this moment and it’s easily integrated into your building with you design. Like all the TornadoPro vertical wind tunnels it is designed with performance in mind and a high ROI.

Revolutionizing the world of indoor skydive

The Tornadopro 14ft wind tunnel is revolutionizing the world of indoor skydive training. Our unique vertical wind tunnel design offers maximum power and clean airflow, allowing users to experience the sensation of falling through the air in a safe and controlled environment. Thanks to its 14 foot diameter, this wind tunnel can easily accommodate multiple users at once, providing a truly immersive experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skydiver, our vertical wind tunnel ensures that you can sharpen your skills indoors with ease.

fixed tornado wind tunnel

Specifications of the 14ft / 4.3 meter wind tunnel:

  • High speeds suitable for skydivers and first time flyers
  • Tunnel fly zone width: 4.3 meters
  • Speed : +80m/s
  • Fans: 4 enclosed fans
  • Power: 4 electric engines (1600kw)
  • Recirculating air circuit
  • Noise: very quiet!
  • The wind tunnel will be C.E.E compliant
  • On site specifications for the building
  • High return on investment

Powerful Air speed

The 4.3 meter wind tunnel is a great place with lots of place to attract clients to the wind tunnel that appeals to first timers and skydivers

Perfect for indoor skydiving

The 4.3 meter is a great tool for a great experience for your clients.

Power up your business

Drive your business forward

Reduced costs allow you to indulge your clients is a complete indoor skydiving experience

Innovative design perfect for indoor skydiving

The 14ft wind tunnel offers an innovative design perfect for indoor skydiving  activities. This unique design provides powerful airflow thanks to its modular vertical wind tunnel comprised of four propellers :  the fans.

Our testing has shown that this efficient and compact design can accommodate both recreational use, like skydiving or  professional use such as military skydiving. With its impressive 14-foot diameter, this wind tunnel provides plenty of power and room for any number of endeavors that rely on clean airflow.

fixed Military wind tunnels

The Tornadopro 14 foot wind tunnel is a top-of-the-line choice for taking indoor skydiving to the next level. Perfectly sized for 4 way or 8 way formation skydiving, this wind tunnel can be excellent for honing skills and perfecting movements in modern skydiving styles such as Head up or Head down skydiving. It provides reliable conditions, and with proper safety precautions, recreational and competitive skydivers alike can experience the thrill of flying from the comfort of indoors.

Perfectly suited to indoor skydiving training

14ft wind tunnel indoor skydiving

The 14ft wind tunnel produced by TornadoPro is an excellent investment that will provide a fantastic return on investment and many delighted customers. Perfectly suited to indoor skydiving training, this state-of-the-art facility offers unrivaled safety standards, providing novice and professional skydivers with the best learning environment possible.

The 14 foot size strikes a balance between maneuverability and performance, allowing skydivers of all levels to practice and perfect their aerial maneuvers. Experienced instructors are also available to teach people of all ages the art of freefalling. Investing in this world class equipment speaks volumes of one’s commitment to providing an amazing skydiving experience that will be remembered for years to come.

Offer an exciting high adrenaline experience

The 14ft wind tunnel we call the Tornadopro can bring an exciting high adrenaline experience to your multi-activity center. With its incredible technology, it’s like having an indoor skydiving experience that is completely safe and enjoyable.

Not only will this 14 foot wind tunnel provide a thrilling experience for customers, it can also serve as an additional attraction to your existing activities due to its ease of use. In addition, implementing the Tornadopro in your center will not take up much space, allowing you and your customers the opportunity to enjoy a sky-high adventure without having to leave the building.

We’d be thrilled for you to try out our 14 foot wind tunnel at your multi-activity center.

14ft wind tunnel

Contact us on your 14ft wind tunnel project

Contact us today to ensure that your indoor skydiving projects have the optimal wind tunnel. Our 14ft fixed wind tunnel offers a secure and reliable environment for all of your skydiving needs. You can rest assured that you will get a professional and educational experience with our highly trained staff. Contact us now and see just what our cutting-edge technology can do for your project!