10ft wind tunnel

TornadoPro 10ft wind tunnel is revolutionizing indoor skydiving​

The Tornadopro 10 foot wind tunnel is revolutionizing indoor skydive training, offering users a safe and immersive experience. With its 10ft diameter, the vertical wind tunnel design provides maximum power and clean airflow, allowing skydivers of all levels to learn and hone their skills.

Our latest addition to our range of wind tunnels is the versatile 3 meter wide.

  • It’s easily integrated into your building
  • You building design 
  • Lower energy needs
  • Low costs in maintenance
  • A high ROI

This innovative equipment is designed to accommodate multiple people at once, providing an unparalleled learning experience that is sure to captivate anyone with a passion for the sport. With its advanced design, the Tornadopro 10 foot wind tunnel is transforming skydiving as we know it.

The Tornadopro 10 foot wind tunnel is the ideal choice for indoor skydive training. Its vertical wind tunnel design offers plentiful power and a clean flow of air, at an affordable price.

With the 10ft diameter providing plenty of space, multiple flyers can enjoy the sensation of freefall in a safe and controlled setting. Both novice and experienced skydivers have the ability to hone their skills with ease thanks to our vertical wind tunnel.

From beginners to professionals, everyone can benefit from its 3M/10ft foot wind tunnel design and enjoy a truly immersive experience.

Flying in a fixed wind tunnel

Specifications of the 10ft / 3.0 m wind tunnel

  • High speeds suitable for 1st flights & skydivers
  • Full glass flight chamber
  • Tunnel fly zone width: 3.0 meters
  • Fans: 2 enclosed fans
  • Power: 2 electric engines  ( 900kw)
  • Recirculating air circuit
  • Noise: under 85db at 10 meters
  • The wind tunnel is conform for the C.E.E
  • On site specifications for the building
  • High ROI (return on investment)
Fixed vertical wind tunnel

A thrilling experience for adventurers of all ages

The Tornadopro 10ft wind tunnel is the perfect addition to any multi activity center looking to introduce an exciting new activity. Indoor skydiving provides a thrilling experience for adventurers of all kinds, and having this 10ft foot wind tunnel at the center will ensure customers have a safe and reliable form of simulated skydiving. This unique machine can help bring in customers from around the area and make your center stand out from the rest.

Advanced flyers

The Tornadopro 10ft Wind Tunnel is a leader in top-of-the-line indoor skydiving technology, providing hobbyists and athletes alike with an unparalleled experience. This 10ft wind tunnel is perfectly sized for 4 way formation skydiving and can help improve existing skydiving techniques such as Head up and Head down skydiving. It offers improved safety and reliability, so that people of all ages can have the thrill of flying without having to go outdoors. With proper safety measures in place, this 10ft wind tunnel is a great choice for those who want to take indoor skydiving to the next level.

Approved by world class champions

Leo VOLKOV the the winner of the world AIR GAMES

See how he flies in a TornadoPro wind tunnel

The world Airgames winner Leo Volkov flies in our wind tunnels

The essential metrics of leisure

Provide a great experience

The 3.0 meter is a great tool for a great experience for your clients.

Make it fun for all the Family

Reduced costs allow you to indulge your clients is a complete experience

Cater for all levels

The 3.0 meter wind tunnel is a powerful wind tunnel that appeals to first timers and experienced flyers.

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