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World wide Wind tunnel locations

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TornadoPro is a well known manufacturer of vertical wind tunnels all over the world. Our list of vertical wind tunnel locations  is growing fast, please see below some of the locations of our tunnels. Keep in mind that other locations will be added shortly.

TornadoPro wind tunnels are now used in multiple prestigious locations across the globe. From French, Spanish and Grec Skydiving Centers, towns, beaches and on Islands. The wind tunnel TornadoPro wind tunnels appear in loads of places and  offer maximum performance at each of these locations. Our wind tunnels bring thrill-seekers a unique experience in parachuting and have been providing skydivers with world-class quality and safety for years.

Wind tunnel locations

Our wind tunnels provide the perfect environment to test those daring maneuvers and perfect their skills, while our cutting-edge technology is tailored to maintain safe air flow during each use. No matter where your next wind tunnel adventure takes you, you can feel secure knowing that it is powered by a TornadoPro wind tunnel!

Do you have a thrill-seeking spirit? Indoor skydiving is an incredible experience and wind tunnel locations across the world  make it possible! If you’re looking to take the flight and try indoor skydiving yourself, find a Tornado wind tunnel near you. Many of the wind tunnels offer virtual reality enhancements to upgrade your experience, too! So if you’ve been jumping at the chance to feel what it’s like to fly, don’t wait any longer – find wind tunnel locations near you today and explore indoor skydiving now!