Caribbean wind tunnel

The 1st Caribbean wind tunnel

TornadoPro is a leading wind tunnel manufacturer, and they are proud to have installed the first and only Caribbean wind tunnel in the Caribbean islands. Located in Guadeloupe, this beautiful island structure will allow locals to safely experience the sensation of flight with professional instructors on hand every day.

It is no easy task to install such an intricate system so far away from home, but TornadoPro Sports Europe surpassed all expectations with their ability to deliver superior quality results quickly and without disruption. With the help of their dedicated global team, the Caribbean has now taken one more step towards enjoying what can be considered the pinnacle of outdoor recreational activities: skydiving.

Located on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe

At Saint François on the airport in the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, a wind tunnel manufactured by a world-renowned wind tunnel manufacturer firm has been installed.

The installation of this state-of-the-art facility is part of an on-going effort to expand the reach and capabilities of the island’s aeronautical sectors and help propel it even further into global prominence.

The 8 foot diameter vertical wind tunnel offers flying opportunities  for skydivers and tourists alike, providing them with an invaluable tool to develop new and innovative skills and having fun with air and how interacts with various body positions.

Caribbean wind tunnel
Caribbean wind tunnel for indoor skydiving

Its placement on such a beautiful, vibrant tropical island makes for an inspiring place to work and serves as a testament to Guadeloupe’s ambitions to become one of the most advanced aeronautical communities in the world.

Great indoor skydiving experience right next to the drop zone

The wind tunnel on the airport in the Guadeloupe Caribbean islands has recently been installed by TornadoPro a notable wind tunnel manufacturer.

As many thrill seekers know, experiencing skydiving outdoors requires jumping from an airplane. But at Saint François, people now have access to an unprecedented and breathtaking indoor skydiving experience right next to the drop zone of the outdoor skydiving point.

With indoor skydiving capabilities and its close proximity to traditional outdoor skydiving, this location is set to become one of the top destinations for daredevils and adventurers alike.

Caribbean wind tunnel for indoor skydiving wind tunnel
The 1st Caribbean wind tunnel​

The Caribbean islands are known for their incredible beaches

The Caribbean islands are known for their incredible beaches and world-renowned resorts, but now they are also home to an exciting new sport – indoor skydiving. Caribbean wind tunnels house indoor skydiving enthusiasts from all over the Caribbean, providing an adrenaline rush from ‘flying’ in a wind tunnel that simulates the sensation of falling through the sky. Caribbean wind tunnels offer professional instruction for both novices and experts looking to have a truly unique Caribbean experience.

Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable scenic adventure or an adrenaline-filled thrill ride alongside other daredevils, Caribbean indoor skydiving is a great way to experience something new and exciting!

Caribbean wind tunnel indoor skydiving is quickly becoming the hottest sport in the Caribbean islands. This adrenaline-filled activity allows daring adventurers to experience skydiving without having to jump out of a plane – giving an unparalleled experience and an unforgettable thrill.

The 1st Caribbean wind tunnel has maximum safety protocols in place and offer visitors a picture-perfect view of Caribbean beaches as they soar above them during their flight. With Caribbean wind tunnel’s expert, certified instructors, physical fitness isn’t a barrier – anyone is allowed to try it! So if you’re looking for an exciting new way to explore the Caribbean islands, Caribbean wind tunnel indoor sky diving is definitely worth checking out!

Caribbean's first indoor skydiving wind tunnel

Caribbean islanders and visitors alike now have an exciting new way to experience the Caribbean like never before. At the Caribbean’s first indoor skydiving wind tunnel, visitors can simulate a real skydiving experience without ever having to leave the ground. Guests of all ages can safely gain mastery over the air by floating under our experienced instructors in a controlled environment while discovering how to defy gravity. Come and challenge yourself to explore this thrilling Caribbean experience today!

Caribbean wind tunnel for indoor skydiving on an island
Caribbean wind tunnel for indoor skydiving on an island